MSS Developments Ltd, City Mills, Peel Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 8QL
Opening Times: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm   TEL: 0113 238 0382


Established in 1991 originally as a property holding company for a successful industrial cleaning and coating company, MSS Developments Ltd has since grown in size and statue expanding its developments, schemes and investment portfolio to include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Office and Licensed premises. MSS Developments is a family run organisation consisting of Father and Son, and is actively working with its local area representatives to improve the built environment and promotion of areas such as the south Leeds conurbation, outer towns of Sheffield, and the Barnsley area: With the primary objective of helping to promote the economy by providing specialised business, residential and recreational premises.

We specialises in the acquisition and re-redevelopment of both land and buildings that could be deemed as obscure in size, shape or nature; and aim to provide the right type of building and use that is both beneficial and promotes the surrounding area and economy. Our past projects have included among others the redevelopment of a petrol filling station site, sheltered housing, and an old theatre/cinema. And our current project is the redevelopment of plot of wasteland in Morley to provide Office, Retail, Leisure, Light Industrial, Apartment and House accommodation.

Our main aim is to identify the needs of the surrounding areas and provide the right type of re-development to maximise the benefit to that area: This could be in any sector as outlined above.


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